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Make your free legal UK will online with Wills For Free

Why make a will with Wills For Free?
No sign-up required - just make your will
Our wills are 100% free - no hidden costs at all
Valid for England and Wales
Make your will in ten minutes
Secure encryption for data protection
Make unlimited amendments
Strict compliance with data protection legislation
Personal requests for funeral arrangements
Complete will kit - from preparation to execution

How does it work?
Complete Your Details
How does it work?
Simply fill in the details for your will and receive it instantly by email. It is easy to fix any mistakes you make. Our wills are free - you have nothing to lose.
Print Your Will
How does it work?
Once received via email, you can print your will and sign it from the comfort of your own home. Ideally, print it single sided.
Sign Your Will
How does it work?
This process of signing your will is known as execution and will make your will legally binding. We will provide details of the simple formalities that must be observed for this.

What our customers are saying ...
"Website easy to use, got my will straight away with no fuss"
"Your website made the process of making a will easy, thank you"
"5 Stars!"
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