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Completing Your Details

Follow the simple steps to complete the details for the will.
As a bare minimum, you must:
  • Complete your details in 'Step 1: Testator's Details'
  • Add at least one executor in 'Step 2: Executor's Details'
  • Complete a Residuary Clause in 'Step 4: Estate Distribution' to specify who you would like to inherit everything you own after you die.
Once these three steps have been completed, you can click the button for us to email your will. Our software will construct your will and email it to you instantaneously.

Optional Information

In addition to completing the three mandatory steps above, you can complete the following optional steps:
  • Step 3: Specific Gifts - complete this step if you would like to give a specific item of your property to someone. Many wills do not give specific gifts.
  • Step 5: Guardians - if you have any children under 18 years of age (or plan to have children), you can specify who you would like to look after them, should you die while they are minors.
  • Step 6: Funeral Wishes - you can specify your preference for your remains and the arrangements for your funeral. You can specify cremation, burial or organ donation/medical research etc. Also preference of hymns etc. at the funeral and donations to your chosen charity in lieu of funeral flowers.

Receiving Your Will

When you click the button for us to email your will, it will be sent as an email attachment to the email address you provided in Step 1.
Our software will construct your will and email it instantaneously. You should receive it in a few minutes, so check your emails. If you cannot see the email, maybe check your email Spam/Junk folders as some email software can incorrectly filter emails into these folders.
The will document itself will be a pdf document, which is a very common document format compatible with most computers. If you do not already have it, you can install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software from

Signing Your Will

You can print off the will (single sided) and get it signed (executed) to make it legally binding.
Click here for instructions detailing the formalities to be observed when siging your will.

After Signing

After you have signed your will, it will be legally binding. Nothing more needs to be done.
Keep the original signed will in a safe place so it can be found by your executors. If you like, you could tell your executors where it is.
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