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Instructions for Signing Your Will (Execution)

These instructions will detail the formalities required to sign your will to make it legally binding.
This process is known as ‘execution’.

1. Print Your Will

Print it single sided on A4 paper.
If there is more than one page, staple the pages of the will together with a single staple in the top left corner.
Do not attach anything to the will (i.e. do not paperclip or staple any other documents to the will).

2. Get Two Independent Witnesses

These witnesses can be related to each other or two strangers.
They can be friends or neighbours of the testator.
They must be impartial to the will and must not benefit from it. They cannot be beneficiaries under the will and any gifts made to them under the will will be void.
They should not be a partner or spouse of anyone who inherits under the will.

3. Sign the Will in Front of the Two Witnesses

The witnesses must be present when the testator signs the will.
The witnesses do not need to see the contents of the will, they only need to see the testator signing the will.
The testator must date and sign the will on the bottom of the last page of the will.
THe testator and witnesses should use the same pen.

  18th January

4. The Witnesses Must Sign the Will

The witnesses should use the same pen as the testator.
The witnesses must sign the will and fill in their details underneath the testator’s signature.

  18th January
  P R Smith
Michael John Mackenzie
34 High Street, Newquay, Cornwall
Angela Anne Mackenzie
34 High Street, Newquay, Cornwall

The will is now legally binding and complete.

5. Storage

Keep the will in a safe place where it can be found by your executors.
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