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Specify in your will to whom you would like to give your property

Without a will your property will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. These rules seldom reflect the wishes of the testator.
Your will allows you to specify who will get your estate after you die.
You can also gift specific items you own.

Appoint executors in your will

Your will allows you to appoint executors to deal with your estate after you die. You can appoint reliable people to distribute your estate in accordance with the provisions in your will.

Appoint guardians in your will for minor children

You can express your preference for people you would like to look after your minor children, as you would want them to be raised in the appropriate manner.

Express your wishes for your funeral and remains in your will

In your will you can express your wishes for your funeral arrangements, and whether you would like your body to be buried or cremated.
You can also specify your preference for the disposal of your remains, i.e. I would like my ashes scattered at ..., or I would like my body buried at ...
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